Billion-dollar companies will be developed in Canada? Nigeria has an example to learn from

In the last two decades, China became the biggest manufacturer of many countries. For instance, companies from the EU, the USA, and Canada depend a lot on Chinese factories as the workload is very cheap there. Donald Trump and the EU are not happy with the current situation as the European and American economy is sinking during the outbreak.

Nigeria and other African countries have a chance to start producing many products for the US and EU. Canada has attracted the attention of many start-ups in the last years, and African countries have a chance to follow their footsteps.

Canada, home of the good people, is becoming the next oasis for the parched tech industry and challenging USA’s Silicon Valley. More than ten years ago, Canada didn’t have the confidence to welcome start-up businesses to operate in their country. Now, after learning that substantial technology companies in the US are snatching university graduates, Canada has become more open and even hopeful that their graduates would be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk given the right opportunity and guidance.

The tech industry is always in search of talented human beings who can both become knowledgeable and creative-lateral-thinking leaders. That exists within the university graduates of Canada and abroad. Local universities are known to have guided a creative pool of readied skilled talents. The universities are now on board with having more tech businesses to come to create more jobs for their local expertise.

The Tech industry is something that Canada has made a higher priority. After getting power, Justin Trudeau’s team created a digital charter. It’s the main roadmap for Canadians to use the technologies and live well in the next few decades. Justin Trudeau wants to make an impact and he is doing a perfect job. African countries should follow his example and implement his decision. For instance, Justin Trudeau’s government made a big impact on the business industry by creating a digital charter. The first wave of digital charter happened in the iGaming industry. Online casinos and gambling venues were allowed to offer diverse games and conquer the global market. Online casinos got a chance to get the attention of international users when the Canadian government gave the green light on using cryptocurrencies. After implementing Bitcoin on iGaming platforms, gamers could use the crypto platforms for managing gaming funds. Gamers playing blackjack online for real money got a chance to use cryptocurrency along with Canadian dollars. Having the green light on the latest technologies changed the iGaming industry for good. Canadian casinos have seen a big rise in the global market and became the favorite entertaining spot for many international players. African countries should follow the steps of Canada and start implementing the latest technological advancements into daily life, especially in the gaming and entertainment industry to get more attention and recognition.

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Progressive thinking leaders in Canada have also welcomed their doors to immigrants who are willing to share their talent in the tech world. The USA, with its new immigration policies led by President Trump, poses a threat to interested workers from abroad, declining skilled workforce immigrants. The USA isn’t so tasteful anymore. With Canada being the nearest immigration mecca, allowing progressive thinking and embracing human talent regardless of sex, gender, and race, the country is sure to be more pleasant to other tech geniuses apart from their homegrown.

The Canadian government is enticing immigrants to move in and build their lives there. The Global Skills Strategy of the Canadian government, which came to fruition last June 2019, offers work permits for exceptionally skilled and talented persons within 14 days. The Global Skills Strategy is very different from the USA’s H1-B status that has a 6-month waiting period

The Canadian government is also prioritizing investments in higher education and research in the interdisciplinary approach, STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Canadian government is also investing in artificial research via Toronto’s Vector Institute and offering tax incentives to scientific research and experimental development. Any sector of society that is backed up by the government has a higher percentage of being successful due to the boost and confidence and belief it receives.

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Amazon has recently released its shortlist of country candidates to host its Headquarters 2 (HQ2). One of the 20 cities is Toronto. Canada offered a very bold bid of zero public subsidy, making it the top choice for Amazon. Other towns are offering more significant subsidies than the allotted budget of Amazon to build its HQ2 of $5 Billion.

If Amazon pushes through in investing their HQ2 in Toronto, it will secure more jobs for the Canadians and immigrants, also opening the economy to more businesses. One of the best things about Canada is its single-payer health care system, which part of their taxes. Investing in Canada’s tech and business sector allows companies to take advantage of the low employee health care cost.

Canadians are known to have the right attitude when it comes to being good people. It is needless to say that creating start-up companies in the country is a great idea. You have creative, intelligent, and skilled good human beings as your employees or your CEO; then, you know the business will be skyrocketing.

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