Lola OJ is the Beautiful Cover Star of this Mother’s Day Edition of Tribe & Elan Magazine

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate mothers across all spheres of life. However, celebrating mothers should not be restricted to just a day. It should be a constant thing, remembering the labours of our mothers over us.

Hence, this edition of Tribe and Elan Magazine is embedded with a series of articles praising all mothers who make exciting appearances on social media, grandmothers who are still slaying and men who have taken the call do women’s business.

Lola Ojetola aka Lola OJ is a lifestyle and beauty influencer, beauty entrepreneur, vlogger, lawyer, and yummy mum of one. Her bubbly energy, vigor, and vibe stands her out every time. Lola was blessed with motherhood recently and she is enjoying every bit of being a mum to her adorable little Asiya.

In her special feature, Lola speaks about her rather interesting journey to motherhood, being a mum and finding love.


Cover – @echelondevng
Pages – @olusegunraph
Editor – @iam_moriammusa

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