Nathaniel Bassey Celebrates his Wife in their 7th Wedding Anniversary ( Watch Video)

Despite the Lagos lockdown to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey and wife, Sara marked their 7th wedding anniversary yesterday in a ‘5 star restaurant’.

Earlier, the beautiful couple shared their love story with fans on Instagram, and ended it with a lush dinner arrangement, creatively organized by the wife, Sarah in their home.

Sharing photos from the intimate dinner, Sarah wrote “Last year we had planned to visit Singapore(after some friends suggested and gave towards it)for our anniversary this year, but somewhere along the line I decided I would take @nathanielblow to Spain instead (he would cover the cost of the trip off course) so he can make a quick stop to Barcelona, and maybe even get to see Messi
…..But along came…….you know and we have been on lock down.
Tonight I decided to be creative so I turned his home office to a 5 star restaurant .

…we call Locked in restaurant, you’re welcome to stop by sometime in the future…lol… #7thanniversarydinner #lockedinrestuarant


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About 12 years ago I met her. Went on a ministry assignment to Eket Akwa Ibom State. She was assigned to protocol the woman of God @bemighoomayuku I was ministering with. Not knowing she left her spiritual responsibility to desire this guest music minister 😎😂 (Just kidding) Anyway, long story short, She agreed to marry me. And there was nothing in the material to motivate her. Well, I remember telling her “I love God, and I work hard, and if you agree to marry me, I’ll take you away from this mkpok local government 😄and we would travel the entire world impacting lives for Christ..” Sure she thought within her “…😏 with this your Akpuruka Kia car 🚙 abi ..😒?” At the end, she entered that same Akpuruka motor 😌. And the rest they say is history. I remember someone saying to her “Is this the best you can do for your self???” But hey! She took the risk. And today she says it was well worth it. We called our wedding/marriage THE SARANATA PROJECT. Coined from both our names. And the God who does not abandon His projects has been helping us. Through thick and thin, He has kept us. We have both seen The forces of hell and darkness literally come for us. I mean, Real attack. Well, understandably so. They can’t stand the damage we keep doing to them. But each time, we have come out victoriously. So today, I say THANK YOU LORD. We are here because you kept us. And to my darling, I say Thank you for taking that leap of faith. It takes one with deep conviction to have done so, even when I said I had no regular salary etc. 😀. So please don’t judge her when she looks so beautiful and has the good things of life. SHE PAID THE PRICE. My prayer today is Psalm 138:8. “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭138:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬ He will perfect that which concerns us, and never abandon His project, in Jesus’ name. Happy anniversary Honey ! @saranata00

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